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Lafayette Seamless Gutters is made on the values of Quality, Integrity, Affordability, Care, and Outstanding Customer Service.

We believe that the gutter system is one of the foremost important exterior additions to a home. Gutters have the capability of stopping erosion, wear and tear on the walls of the house, destruction of landscape, stains on soffit and fascia, cracks on walls thanks to uneven settlement, etc. but also because if installed CORRECTLY it gives a facelift to the house, making it appear as if a crown molding around the house. 20 years experience as a gutter installer, We bring the right combination of quality and proper installation efficiency. We are an enormous believer in putting the homeowner first that's why we specialize in providing options like color, gutter and downspout type (K-style) to reinforce the design of the house and best fit its style. We believe by educating the homeowner about the correct installation process, material to be used, and what a gutter job installed correctly should look like if and what to expect. As anyone can see, at Seamless Gutters of Lafayette, we've no problem in setting a horizontal bar and high expectations, because we simply do care.