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Gutter cleaning is an essential part of your routine home maintenance. If you don’t clean your gutters regularly, you could end up paying for it in the long run – once your gutters clog and fail.

At West Central Indiana Gutters, we are experts in everything related to roof gutters – especially gutter cleaning. Our technicians can clean your gutters quickly and efficiently – saving you the time and headache of doing it yourself.

Gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning

When is the best time to clean your gutters


Even if you have a high quality seamless gutter installation, regular gutter cleaning is absolutely mandatory.

Your gutters tend to become clogged with leaf litter, twigs, pine needles, rocks, and other debris over time. This is not a big deal when the weather is good – but when it starts to rain, you could be in trouble.

Water may soak into leaves and other debris, causing heavy static loads on your gutters, and resulting in them ripping away from your home. Water may also build up and leak into your roof, or spill over your gutters onto your exterior siding – which could cause leaks and water damage.

To prevent this, it’s best to clean your gutters at least twice a year – ideally, once in the late spring, and once in the early fall.

Best Way To Clean Gutters


Don’t want to bother with gutter cleaning ? Let us take care of it. We clean roof gutters all over West Central Indiana communities – and we do our jobs with great care, and at a reasonable rate!

So don’t wait. Schedule your cleaning today online, and protect your home from the elements